Did you know that your thought is directly proportional to your reality?Did you know that your words both written amd spoken, your fears and intentions breeds reality?Ever wondered why you end up dreaming about the things you think of?Do you know that your thoughts accumulate over a period of time and becomes reality?
The mind is a very powerful tool and should never need toyed with; little wonder the Bible says”as a man thinketh in his heard, so he is.
Ever wondered why TV commercials use models with great looks and personality who are successful?It’s simply to make us feel deficient in ourselves, to get us thinking that in order to be successful,famous, do the kinds of things such models do and have their kinds of friends we must purchase the product they are advertising.Trust me,the advertising agency know this trick, they’ve come to realise the effects of working on a viewers mindset; get them to think that such personality can only be achieved by tickling their fantasies,working on their mindset and watching them want to make it a reality.
So, you are there thinking if this is the end of the road, you are there saying to yourself; I don’t think I will ever make it in life or even become a better person.Perhaps,you were convinced to take up a project that you never wanted to,you were pleaded with to do something you were never interested in,you were forced to do something you never believed in because you’ve often said it’s impossible for anyone to succeed doong such.Then you end up grumbling in the end when you don’t get the best of it and you want to put the blame on others telling them of how you told them it was never going to work.Why will it work when you”ve had a negative perspective about it and your mindset of succeeding in it was already messed up.
Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you are probably right.”
It’s just like wondering why an individual down with a non-terminal illness like a headache who kept on confessing on how he knows he knows he will never survive despite being attented to by the best doctors and receiving the best treatment died; the reason is not far-fetched, his mindset is already messed up, he has already sentenced himself to death through his confessions and as such whatever drugs or care he is being administered will never work.Yes, the mind has an effect on our physical health,Remember life and death llies in the power of the tongue.
The mind is everything, you become what you think, liken yourself to the co-creator of your life, you can determine what happens; it all starts from the mind.Stop blaming the circumstances surrounding your birth, stop blaming your parents and the environment you grew up in, stop blaming the government and it’s policies and quit blaming external forces; the battle starts from within, change your mindset.
You are fully responsible for all that happens in your world,get a hold of everything by being in charge of whatever happens and it all begins in your mindset, a positive mindset in the midst of negativities will eventually yield positivities.Once you change your mindset,everything changes; try this and watch yourself gaining your freedom and becoming the creator and master of your world.
See You At The Top.

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