Young Ladies,You Need To Read These Lies About Marriage

As i ponder on the issue of marriage and the pressures that young ladies face because of their singlehood,an interesting song by ace-comedian,Julius Agwu comes to mind;

When will you marry?

This year,Next year?

Sometime or never.

A funny but interesting song,as a lady approaches her thirties,there is usually pressure these days from parents,family and friends and even the society as a whole.We fail to accept the fact that marriage is a big deal.

Yes,it is a big deal,one has to be emotionally matured to be able to handle the challenges that comes with being married.I said emotional maturity and this has nothing to do with how old a person is.So a lady clocking thirty may not be emotionally ready to cope with the ups and downs of marriage.

Marriage itself,if i may say is easily overrated atimes with different people confusing the singles about what happens in marriage.These are a few of the lies about marriage;

1.A SUCCESSFUL WOMAN CAN NOT HAVE A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE:I have often heard parents telling their single daughters about how they can’t own a good car,how they can’t live in a personal apartment and live alone because of the fact that it chases a prospective suitor away.They feel the success of a single lady will chase a man away.That is nonsense,in my own opinion,a man should feel blessed if he comes across such a woman after all no man wants a liability for a wife.

2.A WOMAN NEEDS TO GET MARRIED TO BE FULFILLED:So many people have come to view marriage as one huge achievement.Marriage alone does not bring fulfilment,don’t get me wrong,marriage is a good thing but that is not all that there is to life.Fulfilment comes from within whether married or not.

3.THE NEED TO GET MARRIED BEFORE 30:As ladies approach 30,there is some sort of panic about being unmarried.Please ladies,there can never be an expiration date for marriage,work on developing yourelf and be emotionally prepared for marriage before rushing in.There is no specific age to be married.

4.A WOMAN IS BETTER OFF FINANCIALLY WHEN MARRIED:One hears people saying you need to be married and handover all your financial problems to your husband and you actually see ladies these days who are not from well-to-do homes rushing to get a rich man to  marry.But then this is Yet another myth that has been thrMARRIAGEown to the gutters theses days with the emergence of women who have built successful careers for themselves.To these women,finance is not a problem.

5.YOUR FRIENDS ARE ALL MARRIED:If you ask me,this is the most annoying reason i hear from people,i mean why do you have to live your life based on what others have achieved.Everyone’s path in life is quite different and as such one shouldn’t rush into marriage because all of our friend’s are married.

Picture the look on your parents face when you excitedly tell them another one of your friends is getting married.,lol,try not to read meanings into it,this is Nigeria and most parents are likely to react that way when they feel you are too old to still be a single girl.

This is a message for the single ladies out there who has at one point been pressured or is presently being pressured into getting married,take it as a challenge and work on yourself,develop yourself ,make friends,get a career and do something significant with your”single”years.

Marriage is good but it has never and will never validate a woman,do not feel pressured and rush in when you are not ready.A mistake in marriage is the greatest mistake one can ever make in life.Like my people will always say””DEM NO DEY CATCH LATE COMER FOR MARRIAGE””

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  1. Mbaneme ogechi

    I strong believe that marriage should not be a do or die affair , if we really stick to what Onome has said i know the issues of physical abuses of married women would greatly be reducedComment…


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