I woke up this morning feeling excited and thankful to God, i’m sure we all understand the feeling.The day one was born is an eventful one and one should be happy seeing another year on earth no matter the challenges and circumstances surrounding one remember some of your birth mate are no more and you are privileged to be among the living.


I am really grateful for a day like this, even if I don’t have it all; am thankful for sound health and sound mind.I bless God for his love over me and all that concerns me.

I’ve learnt a lot in the little time I’ve spent on earth and i’m still learning, I’ve got so many things to be grateful for; it’s not been so smooth with me but through it all I thank God.He has been faithful even when I err his mercies endures forever.
Onome is just a girl next door who has been faced with challenges just like every human but who has found solace in people surrounding her and in her writing, I bet you didn’t know that most times I write it all has to do with me.Someone once said to me….”Onome, I love your inspirational Monday segment on your blog because it does inspire me” and I answered “thanks, it inspires me too”.

    It’s been a great journey with you my dear friends,thanks for your support, thanks for cheering me on, thanks for always visiting my blog.You encourage me to keep writing.Thanks for the love.


It’s my day today and it’s another wakeup call that I ain’t getting any younger……winks, age is a number like we say in this part of the world.Honestly, it feels good to be plus one, a closer look at my mirror indicates am radiating God’s glory.
When I was  younger, I had mapped out plans about the things I intended achieving in this new age.You may wonder if I have achieved those things, trust me when I say I haven’t got half of my ambitions and plans but am grateful with the level I am; I am still striving to be better and I will get there by the God’s grace.
I am getting ready to go church and get my groove on, i’m gonna dance like never before, i want to waltz to the glory of God and do the moonwalk dance out of my worries; it’s my birthday and I just want to let go and let God.
    Happy Birthday To Me……kiss kiss

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