Worry which simply means to be troubled, to disturb the peace of mind or to be afflicted with mental agitation or distress.
This is one of the worst things that can affect a person, even the holy bible talked about the insignificance of worrying,the bible admonishes”

can any of you add a single hour to the
Length of your life by worrying?

Worrying has never solved any problems but rather complicates situations.
  Whether we worry or not, everything will always work according to how it’s been destined to be.
Do you know that worrying affects your appetite? How about the loss of communication and intimacy in your relationship? What about the lack of sleep and poor work performance?


Do you also realise that excessive worrying paves way for a search of escape from what troubles our soul?and if one isn’t careful substance use may seem the best comforting escape route.
  Have you also witnessed anxiety eating?The time you are totally worried and agitated and just want to munch on something to “feel” better, the first bite feels satisfying and you wouldn’t realise what hits you until you started over-eating.
  Instead of lazying  around in a corner, being worried and thinking about the next line of action and wondering what the future holds.
Quit worrying and work towards the future of your dreams, turn your worries into stepping stone to greatness. Cheers

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