Albert Einstein once said that there are only two ways to live one’s life, one is to believe that nothing is a miracle and the other way is to believe everything is a miracle.
  Trying to digest this words,I will go with the latter part of this quote,everything about me is a miracle. My living today is an awesome miracle, all that I am and will ever be is a unique miracle.


I know life is full of challenges,ups and downs that may not be averted,instead of sitting down and wallowing in grief, instead of complaining about what you would have loved to have which you haven’t got,thank God for the gift of life because nothing is as valuable or precious like one’s life.Have you thanked God for the miracle of seeing today? As simple as sleeping and waking up might seem,not everyone that sleeps wakes up from their sleep.For some it is an eternal sleep.
  My life,your life is a miracle,if we really reach deep within ourselves we will always have one or two things to thank God for.#BeGrateful

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