Since I read about the story of a father who has been assaulting his daughter, there has been a stab in my heart.
  I cannot fathom why a man with a wife who lives under the same roof as he will choose to initiate his daughter into sexual acts which he can perform with his wife.
So many things keep crossing my mind,could it be psychological? Is he cursed? Or could it be the devil’s handwork–human’s silly excuse each time they are caught doing wrong.
The more I think about,the sadder I become.I cannot understand why a father who should protect his own daughter from evil and predators chose to be the predator.
What has become of this world, what sort of a sick father derives pleasure from his own daughter giving him a blow – job?He even fingered her.The more I try to picture it, the more disgusted I get.My heart is broken into pieces each time I think about the level of trauma that innocent child was subjected to.
  According to the story, the girl’s older brother alerted their mother about what has been going on and she did alert the Nigeria Police Force closest to her but she wasn’t listened to, she also reported the matter to her husband’s family and was accused of wanting to tarnish the “family’s image and integrity”, what useless image and integrity are they talking about.
I will try as much as possible to be lenient with the girl’s mother, I do applaud her for taking the steps above but for her daughter’s sake, what stopped her from crying out loud to the world, what stopped her from getting a megaphone and tell the whole world what her “sicko” of a husband has been doing to his own biological daughter.Why allow the police and her in-laws to shut her up.
  Yes, I am taking this case personal,even though I don’t have a daughter yet, I hope to someday and when I do I know I will do anything to shield her from any form of danger and predators.
  Do not let me even get started with the Nigeria Police Force, I laugh when I hear our leaders encouraging us that the police is our friend.Ideally, the police is supposed to be our friend, unfortunately the reverse is the case in Nigeria.
Imagine an IPO dismissing a case as sensitive as this as a family matter and asking them to take it to settle, a case that should have been thoroughly handled and the man dealt with? .Am I surprised? Of course not, negligence is the other of the day in most of the Law Enforcement Agencies in Nigeria, bribery and corruption has become their middle name.
Oh my dear little girl, I just wish I can get across to you, your parents have failed you.You are just a child who needed to be protected from monsters in human form but fell right into the hands of one who calls himself your father.
  A part of me feels for your mother too, she allowed people to render her helpless when she needed to have taken the steps that others helped her take.As a mother, I know she feels some kind of guilt and failure, I hope she forgives herself someday.


As regards the cursed soul who calls himself your father, I hope the full arms of the law deals with him.For your sake and for the sake of other little girls, I hope this case doesn’t end with “family settlement” and swept under the rug, a man who could do this to his own daughter is a threat to so many others.
  In my little way, I am calling on the Nigeria Police Force and the judicial system in Nigeria to prove to all Nigerians that they’ve got our matter at heart and GET JUSTICE FOR THIS LITTLE GIRL..
Not forgetting an important part of all these, and that’s the fact that the girl and her siblings who witnessed this sinful acts need to be rehabilitated,they already have a negative outlook about life.


  I will not end this write-up without reminding all of us of the duties we owe the young ones, every child needs our support and protection. It is their right,there are lots of wicked souls out there, monsters and wolves in sheep’s clothing scheming and waiting for the best time to devour them.

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