When Passion Fails

Ever heard the popular saying about passion being the only thing that keeps one going when every other thing fails??
I honestly don’t know how true that is any longer
I’m sure you’ve also heard about experience being the best teacher.
I was evaluating some of the events that took place in my life in the past years and can tell you as a matter of fact that there will come a time in a person’s life when even the things you are passionate about can’t keep you going. At this point; the things that gives you the zeal to keep going just doesn’t appeal to you any longer.
It could be a project you’ve invested time and energy on; something you talked about with so much energy and excitement might just be staring at you but that zeal to push forward isn’t just there and you find yourself blank
The above description summarizes my life in the past years. I created this blog as a result of my passion for writing; thought about it for a long time and it was a dream come true when it all became a reality.
If you have ever finally gotten the chance to do what you love, you’ll understand how I felt that very day I made my first blog post 6 or 7 years ago.
But then along the line; life happened and the zeal just began to die off as a result of some personal challenges I was dealing with. Can you just picture what it will feel like when it seems like you are watching the one thing you do effortlessly losing it’s appeal and just slipping away from you?
There are days I’d wake determined to blog but then suddenly give up along the line. I knew I had to do something 😂 fast to get back on track.
I’m not fully back on track though; I mean it took me a whole week of self motivation to finally be able to pen this 😂.
Here’s a list of the few steps that helped;

  1. Back to the drawing board: Here’s the truth; when it seems as though all have failed and the motivation seems to be gone ; getting back to the drawing board is one of the best secrets to getting back on. A thorough assessment of the situation really goes a long way.
    Ask yourself the following questions:
  2. 1.why did I start this?
  3. what plans have I put in motion to achieve my purpose( s) of starting?
  4. What benefits was I hoping to get from this?
  5. Have I achieved the benefits?

Giving honest answers to the above questions will give an insight into how far you’ve gone and what to expect.

Time for self discovery: This step cannot be overlooked,after all said and done; it takes a clear mind and a well-laid out plan to be able to at the least get past other distractions.

Believe it or not, doing this will present an opportunity of knowing what exactly is not working and should be dropped; gives a clearer picture on the steps that should have be taken.

At this junction, after discovering what went wrong and realizing what you should have done; there’s a tendency of wanting to question your ability and intelligence.

Hey!! do not linger much on what went wrong, remember most great men and women never got it right at the first trial. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and succeed.

Get rid of all distractions
Do not overburden yourself with wanting to do so many things at the same time.
Take a break from time to time
Outsource if there’s a need
If you don’t get it right the first time,try again and again until you succeed

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