Religiously, its said that love is everything, Yet practically, it seem not to be enough .So finding a blance, beats me, For me, deep down.. I truly believe that love: True Love, conquers all, The issue is finding and recognizing it when one see it. And I still believe only a privileged few experience that…..Mr.Charles Iloka, Founder http://w3media.com.ng


This is one of the topics that is very dear and close to my heart, I am a sucker for love, I believe so much in love.It makes the world a beautiful place.
Love is a beautiful thing, it’s not just a feeling, it’s like like breath, a lifeline. Once caught in the Web of true love, one is entangled. You seem not to be able to get enough of that person. You look forward to seeing them everyday, you feel their hurts, smiles and pains, infact your whole life is evolved around that special one.
  Then, bam, like a bad dream, you notice changes.It has got to a stage where the two of you stop showing how you feel about each other.
  The spark is no longer there and once this happens, love stops growing, the mutual respect is no longer there . It’s been replaced by hurts and lies.


   You may want to ask what went wrong? How did we get to this stage? How did the person that I could not do without become somebody whose mere presence irritates and provokes me? How come I no longer feel th same way I used to feel about her?Love at this point has become latent, it stopped growing. The two people involved gave up on it, they stopped nurturing.
I do understand that there are times when you feel as if you are doing, have done everything possible to resurrect the spark and it just doesn’t feel as if things will ever be normal, there is every tendency to give.At this stage, it feels as though love will never be enough.Love is the basis of every relationship.
At this point, try as much as possible to bring it back to life. Think about what made you fall in love in the first place, look out for the traits that endeared you to your partner.Reminisce on the good times. Look for ways to nurture love back to life, it is worth fighting for, do not give up on it.


  You may want to ask what if after trying all these things,it still feels as if it won’t work or the relationship seems to have crumbled beyond repairs, life goes on darling. I know it’s never as easy as we say it, cherish the times you were happy together, maybe it was never meant to be. Do not blame yourself, do not hurt yourself either and never stop believing in love.
  Love is beautiful and once found, it’s worth keeping.

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  1. Kehinde

    Love truly can die that’s why it takes efforts from both parties to keep it aflame. Love is not always enough. Let’s kindle friendhip in our relationships so that when it loses its embers, friendship keeps it warm.


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