I can’t help but smile as I write about this topic,every woman knows what I am talking about because we have all played hard to get at one point or the other.
  Should a girl be blamed when she plays hard to get? I do not think we should,we are created in a way to be chased, as a matter of fact we love the chase. ….winks. ….I can’t be so specific as to why we play so hard to get even when the signs that we are “crazy” about a certain dude becomes so glaring to everyone around us,maybe it’s the thrill and excitement of being desirable enough to be chased or the happiness we feel when we see a guy who seems persistent enough to keep chasing.
   Calm down guys,I can imagine how frustrating it gets when it’s obvious a girl is very much interested but yet forms as though she is oblivious of your existence  and doesn’t seem to understand the hints you’ve dropped


Move a bit closer and let me tell you a secret, every time a girl who likes you plays hard to get,each time she turns you down and acts as though she isn’t feeling your vibes, she is only exhibiting one of her feminine traits…..females like being pursued. I want you to know this, each time she turns you down or acts as if she doesn’t know how you feel about her, deep down in her heart she is seriously hoping you do not get tired of the pursuit and set your eyes on another girl……shush, do not say I told you this, it is one of the girl code and I might just be sanctioned for this act of betrayal. :):):):):)
  For some of us ladies,playing hard to get might just be our own little way of knowing a serious guy who wants something serious from a one-night stand type of guy.
    Now; my question is as a man who likes a girl who is playing hard to get, do you think ignoring her totally is the best thing to do? Isn’t that cowardice?
A guy once told me that the best approach is to play her game and then get another girl.Do you think playing hard to get is being manipulative or it’s just  a childish behaviour?


    There is no challenge that is insurmountable, if you find yourself liking a girl who plays hard to get, here are a few trick that will help in winning her over;
1. Never give up on your pursuit: As funny as this may sound,playing hard to get might just be her own way of testing your patience and how far you are willing to go to get what you sincerely desire .Do not forget, women love the chase.
2.Be confident of yourself: Another reason she may be playing hard to get might be to scare you away to see if you will be intimidated to giving up.Be confident  but not forceful and she will eventually see why she needs you in her life.
3. Play hard to get too: I know this trick sounds devious but when a girl realises that you stopped the frequent calls, messages and every other things you’ve been doing,she begins to have a rethink.Drop clues to make her feel you are losing interest, put up a super cute picture of your cousin  or sisterbon your social media handles admiring her beauty.This trick can work wonders if well pulled off.


4. Place on all cards on the table: If all the other tricks do not work, it’s time to confront her, ask her In a calm and subtle manner in a cheerful environment,do this when the two of you are all alone. Tell her “we are both a little old for this hide and seek game”, tell her how you feel about her,be honest and sincere about it, most women value honesty and sincerity.  
   Remember,the dating period is like a glimpse of what the total relationship will look like,a summary of what to expect. Love is beautiful.

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