Children will always be children;we all understand this fact, they like to be noticed , they want our attention at all times.It is a parent duty to love, care and provide for their children but Loving and caring for our young ones is by all ways different from over-indulging, pampering and spoiling them.
    Though calling a child spoiled is derogatory; a child can actually be spoiled.Most parents do not want to accept that it is possible that a child gets spoiled and as such frown whenever their children/wards are referred to as being spoiled.These kinds of parents live in denial because a child gets spoiled all thanks to the way he or she was raised.The whining,complaining and tantrums makes it easy to spot a spoilt child.
      Let me make you through a list of signs which shows clearly that you are dealing with a spoiled child;


1. They ignore you: This is one of the sure ways you can tell a spoiled child from one who isn’t. If your child ignores you after being scolded or corrected, if he ignores you for refusing to grant his requests every once in a while, then you need no psychologist to tell you what and who you are dealing with.
      You have to put your foot down when dealing with your child, make him know how rude it is to ignore older people.

2. They Are Never Satisfied: A spoiled child will never be thrilled with want he has; he will always want what does not belong to him.You can never satisfy such a child no matter how hard you try


There are subtle ways to make children like this understand that they cannot get everything they want at all times; teach them to know that some things are not needed even if he wants them

3.They Throw Tantrums: The spoiled child will always throw tantrums for no reason.These types of children  throws fits of anger and displeasure at everything.

4. They Are Controlling: Not only do they try to control their peers, they want to control adults as well, expecting to have their ways at all times.You need to control this notion of his; else he grows up with the mindset of needing to control everyone so as to have his way.


5. They Do Not Show Gratitude: A child should know how to say thank you for every little act of  kindness done him without being constantly reminded.Only a spoiled child will refuse to show appreciation even after  being told what to do.

7. They Interrupt conversation: A spoiled child will continue to interrupt adults conversation on purpose even after being scolded and corrected.
A child should be taught the proper Way of speaking/listening during conversation. Do not indulge her when she cuts you off mid-sentence, make him know how rude such a behavior is.


8. They Want To Be Bribed And Coerced: A child should be able to do simple tasks such as cleaning after himself and arranging his toys after play when he clocks 4, if you have to coerce him or promise to reward him by getting him toys, having treats, clothes and money just for him to Carry out some simple tasks; you should know that you are losing your position as the authority figure in his life.

9. They Are Not Givers: I know the young ones may not understand the reason behind giving but a child should learn to atleast share with sibling and friends. A spoiled child neither shares or gives, make her understand that life is not all about receiving; it involves giving too.


10. They Are Irritable: A spoiled childs’ behavior with other children leaves nothing to be desired; they do not relate well with their peers and are easilt irritated;they are the type who always want to fight to have their way and show their superiority. They gradually become bullies if not corrected on how bad their behaviour is.

In conclusion, you can make your child better today; it is never too late.You can start now by creating limits .Make your child understand that their are consequences for certain actions.


You should never lose your temper when dealing with such children, makes you appear out of control of the situation and the child will not listen ;Remember you are your child’s first teacher, if you are going to correct a spoiled child; you also need to correct some of your behaviors.A spoiled child can become a super-sweet and obedient child depending on the way  you manage the situation.

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