A lot has been happening on social media in the past 24 hours. One of the trending topics presently in Nigeria is that of On -air personality,vlogger and socialite,Toke Makinwa-Ayida.
Let me take you through Toke’s relationship with her hubby, Maje, they had a very long courtship,which in my opinion is the longest anyone could have.At a point people referred to her as the Lord of the Rings, mocking her for holding on for that long based on the fact that marriage took a long time in coming.
Even before they eventually got married, there was a report which went viral that Maje stood her up at the alter, a report which was later debunked.And then suddenly, pictures surfaced online months later of them getting married, majority of her fans were elated at this news congratulating her that her persistence and patience finally paid off.
Then suddenly, this latest report that has got social media buzzing,that has got a lot of people talking, the news that Maje has got another woman pregnant.
Hmmmmmnnnnn. ……..Please, allow me to get emotional here, the hugest and most painful blow a husband can deal a wife is getting another woman pregnant, especially a wife who is looking to God and believing for the fruit of the womb.
A lot of reactions have trailed this latest development and blame is being apportioned to the people involved. What went wrong? Is it that Toke paid less attention to her man?Was she always around to satisfy his cravings? Should Maje have broken their marital vows by cheating on her? Is cheating ever justifiable?Did he even respect the marriage sanctity? Was he ever in love with her considering the fact that it is an ex-girlfriend involved?A girl he was dating at the same time he was courting Toke.Was Toke not aware?
Though i strongly believe that men are like babies who crave attention and company, i think people should stop blaming Toke, maybe she wasn’t really always readily available, is that enough reason for her husband to impregnate another? We all know that a man that wants to cheat will always cheat even if the wife is at his beck and call throughout the 24 hours of every day.
Marriage is a sacred union and it needs the combined efforts of the husband and wife to make it work. Spouses should never for any reason neglect the needs of each other.
As a woman, I strongly feel sorry for Toke right now, I know how it feels.I just pray God gives her the strength to handle this challenge,I hope she comes out stronger and better.
I believe she has learnt her lesson, marriage is not all about social gathering, is not about making appearances, being a working class wife should not be an excuse.One should always find a way to create a balance.Marriage should never suffer because of our work.I know it is hard and could be energy sapping,but we just have to try.
As for Maje, I hope he is sober, he may not understand the extent of the damage he has caused, he may not know how broken his wife is at this moment, no one deserves this kind of treatment.
For the baby mama, I have no words for you, a man that left you to wife another came back to you and you gladly opened your legs to him to sow his wild oats. I wish you what you wish yourself.

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  1. Charles

    So thought provoking.. how i wish people still value the marriage institution.


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