According to, this innocent baby was dropped along Dibue Road,Ikot-Ekpene in Akwa Ibom State this afternoon, she was placed inside a polythene bag by her mother and dumped by the road side, the baby is still very much attached to its umbilical cord as seen in the pictures.
Unfortunately,before people could discover the contents of the polythene bag, the baby had died.
I am pained,for this is the highest level of cruelty, what is the problem with young girls? Safe sex is being preached everyday,if you know you cannot abstain what happens to getting a form of contraceptive?
Can someone please remind me how “expensive” a Condom is? What happened to getting after sex pills?
How a lady could end the life of her own child beats me, after keeping a pregnancy of 9months, after bonding with the child in your womb and after giving life to a child whose sole survival depended on the life you gave her while she was still in the womb suddenly chose to end her life.I just can’t understand the thought process of people, what happens to giving the child up for adoption?
If the worst case scenario that led to the conception of that child was a rape and she didn’t want a constant reminder of the abuse and trauma, must this innocent being pay for it?
So many couples are believing for a miracle like this,the least this lady should have done after carrying the pregnancy was to get to an orphanage and put her up for adoption.
This is just another reminder of man’s cruelty,I feel so bad and angry looking at this lifeless image of this little princess.

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