Life and living are two unique phases of life, so unique you can’t predict what happens, what gives and what takes; neither can you make life work in your favor at all times,it has its own plans and course.
Full of the good times, the bad times and of course the ugly times.Oftentimes, we crave more of the good times and wish the bad and ugly ones away;yea, I know that feeling, it only makes us humans.

Hear this, no matter how we wish and pray the bad and ugly times away, it will eventually happen; you can’t have it smooth all the time.If it keeps going smooth, watch it, there is a problem.Do not forget that life is full of challenges, setbacks, twists and turns; and these are the things that remind us of our existence on earth,only the dead is free from any form of challenges or setbacks.
Problems, setbacks and challenges will always come, your approach to dealing with the problem determines its expiry date.Do you sit still, fold your arms, cry and wallow in self pity and think the problem will automatically solve itself? Does weeping resolve a problem?

Perhaps you want to share your problems with a lot of people;is it not said that a problem shared is half solved? Can I tell you the absolute truth? 80% of friends, colleagues and even loved ones do not care about your problems and the remaining 20% that show interest are only comparing their situation with yours and thanking God that they don’t have it so bad.

    Why not take action of your situation? Why not stand up to your situation? Why not do something about the crossroads you have found yourself at? Do not just accept your situation, put in effort to making it better; determine the effort that will bring results that will nullify insults in your life.
I won’t just leave you hanging without giving some proven tips that work in dealing with the unpredictable nature of life; to every problem there is always a solution, this is one of my strong belief system.Consider the following points and I assure you are on a safe road to solving the challenges of life;

1.Fortify your mental capability: Remember you are a product of your thought process.Do you know your brain is your engine? Whatsoever is imagined,thought about up there is eventually manifested.Think positive always.
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2. Redefine Yourself: This is a time to think about your purpose in life, there is no better time than now.You need to change some habits; let go of the bad habits and reinvent good  ones,do what you love, have a clear plan for yourself and never let criticism pull you down.You can also consider doing things with a different approach, whatever you do, do not hold on to past mistakes.
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3.Refocus your attention: Tough times have a way of discouraging an individual, makes you lose hope.If not properly handled, an individual going through challenges loses focus easily when nothing seems to be working.You need to find that force that pushes you to be better, you need to rediscover your zeal.Refocus your attention on what you have set out to achieve, always have that in mind and never let for of it no matter what happens.This will helping you through the challenges.You may want to check out:

4.Discover yourself to recover yourself: Self discovery is one of the basic things to standing out ,and making it in life, know your purpose, set your priorities, accept and embrace change, you also need to step out of your comfort zone.I need you to always that limiting yourself is one of the greatest injustice you can do to yourself ;do not cage yourself,life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
In conclusion, do not allow challenges, setbacks and problems prevent you from aiming higher and breaking grounds, work on yourself, your mindset and outlook about life.Onlybsee challenges as what they are; stepping stones to greatness. See You At The Top.

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