My good friend was with me the other day,we talked about a lot of things and somehow touched on sex education.
She wanted to know the best time to introduce.I became curious and probed further and she said her 10 year old niece asked her about it.
Obviously,her classmates have been talking about sex and how it feels.I wanted to know what she told her niece and she answered nothing because she didn’t know where to start but that she only discharged her by saying she is too young to start asking about sex because it’s adult matters.  


I  was stunned, these children grow up so fast.She is barely 11year old and her classmates have been exposed to sex topics and are starting to feed her inquisitive mind with ideas.
Whether we like it or not, children are exposed to sex education in many forms,no thanks to peer pressure, social media, the Internet and atimes what they see adults do around them.
I have been opportuned to deal with kids and trust me when I say the rate at which they grow is surprising,their physical growth and their response to stimuli is shocking. I witnessed a case of a 4 year old getting an erection simply by hugging his female age mate and till this moment am still try to make meaning of that reaction.


I want to throw the question to all mothers and fathers out there, when is the appropriate time to start discussing sex with the children?
It’s high time we all rose to the challenge at hand, do not say she is too young,she may misunderstand me.You may even be skeptical about the kind of questions that will likely arise from the situation and want to shy away from it,take it or leave it,they always find a way to learn about these things and there’s a possibility that they learn the wrong way.
  Enough of all the talk about how it’s
un – African to talk about sex with the youngsters,trends have changed and we just have to adjust and rise up to our responsibilities.

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