The advantages of raising children in the proper ways can never be over – emphasised .Children are the reflection of parents success or failure. We all desire children that will make us proud and happy at the same time.
Although there are no specific guidelines for raising children, I think one or two tips wouldn’t hurt.
  So come with me as I take you through proven tips to getting the best from your children….
GIVE THEM SPACE TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES:Giving children the freedom to express how they feel makes them safe around you.They have a sense of belonging, they know they can tell mummy/daddy everything and if the freedom is not there, they tend to seek for passive ways such as sulking, being grumpy to show they are unhappy.


LEARN TO OVERLOOK:I know how children get atimes.They pout, sulk and even grumble but it is not every pouting and sulking that you should react to or give punishment. It doesn’t also mean that you have to bend to everyone of their whims.You just have to strike a balance, make them understand there are rules and regulations governing every action in life.
TEACH THEM ABOUT OTHER WAYS TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES:For parents who have children who think the only way they can get anything from mummy/daddy is by sulking. Help them understand that there are other better ways to make their demands than sulking.
The next time she pouts/sulks/grumbles, tell her firmly that until she learns a better way of passing a message across like talking that you are going to have to ignore her.Trust me this trick works.


NEVER GIVE IN ALL THE TIME: Permit me to say children could be tricksters atimes.They love to always have their ways. If we continue to grant all their wishes and desires, they grow up with the mindset that they must always have their way.we all know the world doesn’t really work that way.Failure to give in doesn’t mean you love your child less, you are only teaching her how the world works.
PRAISE THE RIGHT THINGS:Learn how to praise your child’s effort and not only the results. Praise the hard work, resilience, persistence and creativity that goes into whatever your child does.Whether she achieves it or not, appreciate the efforts she puts in.That way, she understands that even if she doesn’t get it right, mummy and daddy will never be disappointed.
GIVE ROOM FOR SUCCESS/FAILURE:When a parent focuses more on complimenting a child only when she gets it right rather than allowing her the ample opportunity to try and fail so she learns some basic things about life.Give room for failure, when she does, make her understand that people fail which may not be bad but that allowing failure stop her from trying another time is the worst of all.
  Believe me when I say that child has just learnt life’s most important lesson.

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