So,I thought about the many ways life has evolved,the things that have changed or atleast become modified and then it struck me, couples sharing expenses in the home.
     Gone were the days when the upkeep of the  family, accommodation ,feeding and education were solely the responsibility of the man.Every man understood back then that they have responsibilities which must be catered to, this kept them on their toes.The women only worried themselves with staying at home and attending to the needs of the children and that of their husband.
  Then came the twenty first century and a lot changed,this is an era of  husband and wife splitting family expenses equally or the wife contributing more to the running of the home if she happens to earn more than her husband.


  Look around you, you see couples working their hearts out to provide for their family,husband and wife scurrying off to work very early in the morning and returning late at night. The children no more receive first hand care and attention from their parents, mummy and daddy leaves home very early in the morning while they are sleeping and return late at night when the children are fast asleep. These young ones are left at the mercy of the house help.
  Do you really blame the parents for this? NO, the economic situation we face now is by far many ways different from the way it used to be some fifty years ago.Parenrs work to provide the basic needs of the family.
  My concern for now is the issue of couples splitting expenses, does it favour or destroy the marriage?
    So many folks are of the opinion that the moment a wife starts to share in the financial running of the home she begins to lose respect for her man because she sees herself as “being equal” with the man…….Who reasons that way right? Is marriage a competition to determine who the superior or subordinate being is?
     On the other hand,some women feel it is the responsibility of the man to provide for the them and for the home and sees it as a slap on the face once their husband start asking them to support him when it comes to finances.These group of women though working or maybe even earning more than their husbands are the kinds that say “my money is mine but my husbands’ is our money”….Once again I ask who reasons that way?.Remember the Holy Bible talks about the woman being the help-meet?
    Finances is one of the major problems plaguing marriages,the foundation of many marriages are being shaken because of finances.If a couple can successfully deal with financial challenges in a marriage then the marriage has more chances of survival.


     Do not forget that whichever way a marriage will turn out to be. ..The dating and courtship period gives a clue.So many things need to be discussed and put in place during this period, if a couple already have an understanding of splitting expenses or even supporting each other during difficult times there will never be a problem when it starts playing out.
    Have you or are you presently sharing expenses as a couple? How have you been able to deal with it? As a man,do you think it has in any way changed the way your wife relates with you?
As a woman, How did you feel when your husband brought up the discussion of splitting expenses.Let’s learn from your first hand experience.

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