She Is Not Used To It‏

Yea, I know you are probably wondering what I am talking about.
Please read on:


This scenario played out between a teacher and a parent,
TEACHER:Good morning Mrs.Lagbaja.
PARENT: Good morning teacher.
TEACHER: How are you doing this morning Ma
PARENT: I am not too happy
TEACHER: Hope no problem Ma
PARENT: (Points to her daughter) She came home yesterday and complained that you asked her to kneel.
TEACHER: I had to do that because she was very noisy in the class and besides I didn’t want to flog her.
PARENT: Tell her to stop making noise next instead of asking her to kneel because I don’t ask her to kneel at home, she is not used to it.
TEACHER: That was the first thing I did but she she didn’t stop
PARENT: Then you just have to continue telling her to keep quiet.

Are you surprised with what you just read? Or do you share the same view as the parent?
Personally ,I wonder why a mother will go to her child’s school to confront a teacher simply because her child was punished for disturbing the peace of the class.
A punishment as simple as kneeling?
1. Does it mean a child should be left to do as he or she pleases?
2. Is the school only for academic training? Isn’t it supposed to be a place for moral upbringing?
3. Should a parent even accompany his/her child to school each time a child comes home to report that he was punished?
4.Is asking a child to kneel an extreme form if punishment?

Abeg make we relate,let’s talk parents, how do you correct a child who has erred.


  1. Ifeoma Genny

    charity they say begins at home.
    Is no gain saying the fact that the moral decadence plaguing our societies today emanates from parent failing in their duty of correcting their kids when they err or rebuking those who correct the kids. And the kids then ride on the wings of the liberty granted them by their parent to do as they pleases.
    In my view, a child’s training and correction is the task of everyone around the child as the character traits and what the child grows to become in future will impact not only on the parent alone but also the society at large, if not the entire world.
    case study: Osama Bin Laden and the 9/11 bombing that left a negative global impact, waste of lives , resources and ultimately left some families in anguish.
    child training is not the responsibility of the parent alone, but everyone around the child, whoever fails to correct my child on seeing him/her err is doing me more harm than good.

    1. Onome Oseha

      I like your line of thoughts,parents over-indulge kids these days.If only they know the harm they are causing such kids


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