Are you in a relationship that you cherish so much but you somehow feel something is missing?Do you feel that the sparks you both shared is waning?You are not alone,a great number of us have passed through this stage.
Relationship is one basic aspect of human existence and it is a beautiful experience,especially when in it with a person who we love dearly. Love is a beautiful emotion and once found,you just want to hold,never letting go.There is usually this feeling of completeness when we are in love and a greater supermanic  peace when we are loved in return.


Love,like every good experience comes with its challenges.I think challenges is one of the strengthening factor of a relationship if well handled whenever they arise.
Look around you,so many relationships are experiencing challenges and I want us to talk about them today;
1.TIME: The time spent with our love interest is what most of us look forward to,it is during moments like this that we get to know more about the person.It is necessary and healthy,there is a greater level of bonding when we spend time together.
Have you ever wondered why there is always so much love and connection in a new relationship?and why the connection is lost as the relationship progresses? It’s as a result of couples spending lesser times together ad the relationship suffer  as against the early stages when we always crave to see the person.
This could be likened to a little child who was just gifted a new toy,he always wants to play with the particular toy, the Interest and excitement such a child feels can never be explained.The less attention and interest such a child has in the toy as the days progress makes the child loose interest and totally dwindles the excitement.And then we begin to notice the child yearning for a new one.
If we as adults treat our relationship this way, it will eventually head for the rocks. Always create time to spend together, only then can you keep the sparks in the relationship.


Do not say because your relationship is a year you know everything about the person. That can never be possible, if you think am joking, ask couples who have been married for decades the kind of surprising things they found out their spouse,things which they thought they already knew.
How do you know if you are spending enough time with your partner?Be open, ask her if your time together is enough and ask for her opinions,if she says no work towards creating more time.
I am not saying you should put your life and everything on hold because of a relationship or because you want to please your partner,you both have to strike a balance. Cheers

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