My name is Oseha Blessing Onome.
A lifestyle blogger who is enthusiastic about parenting, family and society.
Oftentimes, I see happenings around me, I see how greatly we have derailed from the right family values, children training and upbringing, relationships and how these affects our social life and daily interactions.

We will be discussing about these areas of life from my point of view and of course from yours, let’s get talking and let’s see how we can correct some of our wrongs.

I also do a bit of entertainment and gossip! Lol!. Although that is not “my selling point” but we all know that”All work and no play makes Onome a dull girl”Hehehehe.

Join me as I put into writing my thoughts on motherhood, parenting and family. This blog is an interactive one, your comments, opinions and of course critique is highly welcome.

I promise you will keep coming back for more, welcome on board.