Procrastination is simply defined as an act of postponing, delaying or putting on hold.
It could be habitual or intentional atimes and it’s one of the worst things that can happen to an individual.


I have been a victim of procrastination,I have always wanted a platform to put my thoughts into writing but instead of working around ita and making the dream a reality I kept postponing,thinking about where to start from.
Looking back,I wish I had begun earlier,I can’t explain the fun I have each time I have to put my pen to paper to jot down my post topics.Procastination almost robbed me off that opportunity.
Procrastination has never helped anyone, it only robs one off the opportunity of doing things as at when it should be done.We seem to console ourselves with the issue of waiting for the right time,there is never a right time when one need to tackle a task.
Though I understand that there are times when we put off tasks as a result of stress or when we are faced with a seemingly overwhelming situation,at this stage, a time out to relax is welcomed but we should be careful not to totally put everything on hold as an excuse of taking a break.


1.The first solution to every problem or challenges is accepting that there is a problem.
2.Try to understand why you are procrastinating,could it be stress or because of an overwhelming situation or as a result of having to choose between options.
3.Do you procrastinate because of the fear of failure.
   Once you have have accepted the fact that there is a problem and you have successfully identified the causes,the next step will be how to deal with the problem heads on.
  Here are some of the basic tips;
1.Try to remind yourself of the unpleasant consequences of not starting on time.
2.Set time – bound goals for yourself.
3.If you feel your task is overwhelming,start from the basics, do not just abandon it.
4.Focus on one task at a time,this is to avoid being stressed out so as not to eventually give up on the task.
5.You could get someone to check up on your progress from time to time,like a sort of mentor.
Procrastination if not well handled, can be a dream killer,make efforts to overcome it today.

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