Hurray, my great country Nigeria is 58 today;as much excited as i am to be a citizen of one of the most blessed country of the world,i still feel downcast because of the level of backwardness in this country. Do not get me wrong,i’m going to try to be as much patriotic as i can but i know for a fact that no matter how hurtful or unpleasant the truth might be,it must be told.

As a country,we can’t continue running around in circles and continue doing things the same way but expect a different result; we must all avail ourselves the chance of being realistic and face the facts presented us….Do we have anything worth celebrating? There comes a time in our individual lives that we realize the truth no matter the amount of deceit or sugar-coating of a truth we might get from friends and well-wishers; there’s always this inner conviction of how far we have fared.

Now,that’s what i think all Nigerians should do,reach deep down in your hearts and think,look around you  and let the truth unfold.Is there anything worth celebrating? A German friend once said;

 Nigeria is blessed in all facets,if  some of the countries that Nigerians are always hustling to travel to have 1% of what  your country is blessed with,you all will weep at the level of injustice done and if only all your resources are well managed the foreigners will be the ones begging to come live in your country.


What exactly is the problem with Nigeria? In the past couple of months,security has been a major challenge and in the almost 2 decades of democracy what and what have we achieved under a democratic dispensation.

oh yes,congratulations to Nigerians or do i say Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)for successfully calling off the strike,I sincerely hope the reasons for the strike has been properly taken care of,otherwise what is the use of the strike action without a proper solution being reached.In a country where senators earn millions monthly compared to an average worker;someone please tell me what these guys do other than causing spectacles in the chambers.Do not even let me get started on healthcare,have you been to the general hospitals and government teaching hospitals lately? How equipped are they? They say they have improved but you can’t help but marvel at the level of improvement when you have to go to a private facility to run some of the test that a well improved and highly equipped government hospital should ordinarily run.

I made a post during our 56th anniversary HERE, not much has changed and all hands must still be on deck till we achieve the dream of a better Nigeria by making the country not just a blessed country that can’t account for its resources but one that can stand tall and boasts of its development among nations.We still have a whole lot to do.

It’s time we ponder on this; are we really independent? God bless Nigeria.

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