9jaAs we all look forward to the handover of power from the outgoing
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to the President Elect, General
Muhammadu Buhari, there is a sort of mixed feelings among Nigerians.
Will our 16 year old democracy finally pay off? Will the new
leaders elect deliver on their promises? Will it be business as usual?
Are you among the people who think the new leaders elect will
have a lot to offer? or you think it’s all going to be the same old
way, the all man for himself practice.
During the campaigns, promises were made by the aspirants,
agenda were set and a promise of change was made to the people but one
wonders if eventually these promises will be kept.Well I guess we all
have to wait and see.
Electioneering in Nigeria has become a case of who has the
best sugar coated tongue and who can part with the best amount of
cash.The candidates understand the gullibility of Nigerians, they
understand that only few Nigerians can afford the basic things in life
and as such they capitalise on these things during their campaign
period.They give out cash gifts amongst other things and you actually
see the masses jubilation at the thought of being given a ‘ meagre ‘
amount like #1000, the money that is originally for all Nigerians have
now become a privilege for them. They fail to realise that they are
adding to their problems and selling away their chance for a better
life by voting such candidates in.
A candidate who feels he needs to dish out cash before winning an
election in my own opinion has nothing to offer. He is only using that
tactic as a means to a selfish end.
Another thing worthy of note is the masses voting on
sentiments, the feeling that an outgoing leader performed excellently
during his days in office doesn’t automatically mean that an Incoming
leader from the same party will follow in his predecessor’s footsteps,
and the fact that another performed woefully doesn’t mean an aspirant
under the same party will perform bad. All that should have mattered
should have been the aspirant ‘ s character and integrity.
After all said and done, the elections have come and gone,
even though I am not one who sits and hopes that things fall into
place, for the sake of Nigeria and all Nigerians I pray that our
leaders elect will put the needs of Nigerians above their personal and
family gains.
Basic amenities and quality education is what we need in
Nigeria,water, electricity, good roads, security of lives and
properties should be topmost on the new leaders agenda.
My little advice to the new leaders elect will be to put
the welfare of the masses in mind,they should try as much as possible
to work with the resources given  to them and strive to make the
people happy.The needs of the masses should be paramount.
My country is blessed and all we need is the right people in
power, once that is achieved, the problems / challenges of my country
is on its way to being solved.
I believe in my country and it’s people, we are great people
in an even greater nation and we shall get there someday soonest than
some of us imagined.
If you believe in Nigeria, chant with me :
Nigeria shall smile again
Nigeria shall arise and shine
Nigeria shall be great again
Nigeria shall be United again
I love my country
God bless my country and it’s people.

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