Thank you is a simple way oof showing appreciation. It is an everyday etiquette and courtesy that doesn’t need an effort neither does it cost anything.
How often do you use these phrase? Have you ever felt bad for not thanking an individual? Have you ever wondered why the British use the word “carelessly”? Yea, they do because they know it’s importance.
I must give it to parents who insist on their children saying thank you for any little favour received. It is not easy for an individual to go out of his ways to offer assistance and doesn’t get a thank you at the end of the day, all that comes to his mind is ‘oh,she’s rude’.
I am sure that as an individual , you will be upset with an individual who doesn’t say thank you for things you’ve done for them.
1.It shows gratitude:We all crave for this once in a while.
2.It portrays appreciation.
3.It acknowledges how important a person is.
4.It shows you don’t take people for granted.
5.When not said, could portray one as rude.
Just like sorry, thank you is a strong magical word.Do not neglect or “”forget””to always say thank you, it’s plain rudeness, it portrays one in a bad light, more like an ingrate. No matter how little you consider you consider a favour to be, be appreciative, say thank you. Thank-you-post-it_Xoombi-300x187
I feel bad and disturbed each time I see a child who doesn’t know how to say thank you. Dear parents, please if your child is not conversant with these words, it’s never too late to make the child learn.
I strongly believe that saying thank you for a previous favour is the key to getting more.thank_you-1-300x193
Learn to say thank you, it doesn’t require any special effort.If you have not been saying thank you, it’s never too late to start.Say thank you to someone today.


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