I want to share with you my favourite magic words, they are just three and guess what, they work wonders.

Have you ever wondered, how two people from different family with different values and absolutely different approach to life have been friends for years? I can boldly tell you that they have mastered the acts of the things that I am about to share with you.
Fasten your seat belts and come along with me.

Here is magic word number one:


If only more people could learn to master the act of saying I am sorry, the world would be a better and peaceful place to be. Many conflicts will be avoided, if only they know the effect that simple sentence has.They will not feel too ‘big’ to use it.
Examples abound of how saying sorry has helped in restoring peace and harmony among siblings, restored love in relationships and marriages and helped in preventing situations from escalating beyond repairs.
There are times we do things without thinking about how others will react, neither do we think about what the outcome will be.
No one is above mistakes and most times we realistic these mistakes when it’s a little too late, we realise we have hurt others without intending to do so.
Acknowledging what has happened is the first step towards correcting it, being sorry for something is not just about the words it should be reflected in our actions.

Take full responsibility for your actions, try to see the way you should have handled the situation differently and avoid repeating the mistake.
Atimes, saying sorry doesn’t mean you are wrong and the other person right, it is only a means to save a relationship that one values from crumbling when the other party is insisting on being right.
Come on, take a bold step today and say I am sorry to that person who has kept a great distance, apologise to that boy/girl that you may have hurt with your words, say sorry to your partners who felt hurt and betrayed by your actions.
I do understand that saying sorry doesn’t really come easy to some of us especially when we believe that we haven’t done anything wrong but common, it is just 3 simple words.

Please, say it and mean it, it doesn’t take away any strand of hair from your body.
“I am sorry” is just one of the three magic words, we have two more and we’ll talk about it next time.

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