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I talked about the part one of my three magic words on the last post. We were able to see the Importance of saying sorry and how much damage can be avoided by saying that simple word.
Well today, I will be talking about my second magic word, which is saying please.
When I tell people that I get anything that I set my mind on, be it a favour or I need to get somebody to get a job done for me, they most times don’t believe me, others think that am just being out-rightly boastful about it.
If only they understood the fact that I have become acquainted with the word ‘please.
That is one of the easiest words I use on a daily basis and I cannot seem to count the number of times that I use it.
Do people get angry at me? Lol….of course they do, am only human and I offend people once in a while I say/do things that people around me may frown at, I quickly put on my dimpled smile and say ” I shouldn’t have said, please forgive me “Trust me when I say I won’t be at peace until I am forgiven.
GETTING FAVOURS…. Wow, if I tell you the number of favour I have got from people both know and unknown simply by saying ‘PLEASE COULD YOU DO THIS, PLEASE CAN I GET THIS? you will be amazed.
I have often had people coming to ask me about the other things I did to get such favours.
GETTING THINGS DONE…….. If I need a job done, I don’t even think about the fact that am going to pay you for your services, I will still politest tell you to please do a good job for me.
I have this mindset that even if the fact that am paying you doesn’t spur you to do a great job for me, my politeness should and this has always worked for me. Trust me, everyone appreciates being dealt with politely.
Oh! how I love saying please, whether you are angry or not, you just find it hard to reject a person who politely says please when asking you about certain things.
Anytime I get an opportunity to talk deeply with parents I advice them on the importance of inculcating the usage of this simple word into their child.It starts from that stage.Catch them young.
Why not try this trick of mine today and come back to tell us the outcome, we would all love to share In your testimony.
It doesn’t cost you anything to say sorry, try it today.

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