I was hanging out with some of my friends last weekend,it was actually a birthday groove for a friend.We were all having a fun time gisting,eating and drinking.Of course,these are times that different topics of discussion comes up, we talked about marriage,relationships and growing up days.
    I listened to a radio talk-show in the course of the week and the topic was on married men and their relationship with prostitutes.I looked around me, my environment had more men than women and I knew instantly that is an opportunity to sample opinions.
So I threw the question to the house and the whole place came alive with different views and opinions….lol.


  Fasten your seat beat and come along  with me as I share some of the funny and downright outrageous reasons I got as to why married men visit prostitutes;
Respondent #1: As a person,I appreciate it when my woman desires me,I love it when the mere sight of me turns my woman on,I dey feel like a super man but my wife kills my vibes, even when I make passes at her,she feigns ignorance. I have to spell it out to her that I want to make love.It takes the whole fun from love making,she makes me feel undesirable.
  At this point,I had to ask him “oga, does this mean you visit prostitutes too?
Him: I never graduate reach that stage because my smallie doesn’t dull me like my wife does……hmmmmmnn
Respondent #2: Cuts in….Bros, me I no dey do girlfriend o,na the prostitutes way I dey follow. With a prostitute,you don’t have to worry about any kind of baggage.She knows not to expect any sort of care or attention from you.Its only on a business transaction level,your family is not threatened,she gets paid for services rendered. 
Respondent #3: Besides with a prostitute,a man can fulfil his sexual fantasies.A lady who has been listening all along asks him “sir, when you say sexual fantasy, what are you referring to?
Him: Do you know how frustrating it can get when you continously beg your wife to give you just a simple blow-job and she tells you she can’t use the mouth she uses in praying and singing in the choir down there. …….hahaha haha, this man cracked everybody present up.
Respondent #4: As for me the best lovemaking I’ve ever had with my wife were times I buy her gifts or when she’s expecting something huge from me.Every other times,she just lays there and seems to be counting the seconds when I get off her. She doesn’t see anything wrong in this but it makes me feel bad, does it have to be this way.I do not blame men who visit prostitutes,they will afterall get value for their money .They get to be in control of everything that happens during sex and get maximum satisfaction.


   As funny and as flimsy as these reasons may sound,these are the some of the challenges that face most marriages.
  I do not think a man with these problems should resort to cheating either with a girlfriend or with a prostitute,these are problems that can and should be handled between a husband and a wife.This is where communication comes in,sex in marriage should be fun, couples should not have inhibitions or do-nots.
Are you a wife that gives her husband the idea that he has to bribe you before he can get great sex? You need to change,doesn’t speak well of you as a better half.If you are married to a man with various sexual fantasies,try to do the ones you can and explain lovingly to him why you can’t do some.You can always try everything within your reach to prevent him from straying into a prostitute place of abode.
To the husbands,please slow down with your sexual fantasies,it’s not until your wife stays on a tree to make love with you before you can be satisfied sexually.Be reasonable with your wife and do not judge her,exercise a bit of patience and wait for her to come around. Remember there are tonnes of sexually transmitted diseases out there, do not jeopardise the health and wellbeing of your family. You can get whatever it is you may seek from a prostitute in the comfort of your home or even much more……You know what I mean…..winks

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