image1Love, a strong feeling of affection, emotion and warmth towards another individual.It could vary in forms and extent, for example; a parent love towards their children, siblings love or children’s love towards their parents.For the purpose of this topic,I would like us to look at love in a romantic relationship.
One of the most profound and intense expression of how partners feel about each other, a deep sense of appreciation of your partner.
Respect, a positive feeling of admiration felt or shown for something or someone valuable, important and appreciated.image3
The question on most lips is which is more important in a romantic relationship; love or respect?
Love is a beautiful and unique feeling,the type of feeling you experience and you wish never comes to an end, and this type of feeling is presented in action,attraction, closeness and commitment.The attraction we feel for our partner is that urge that prompts us to want to be near to them, to hold, hug and kiss them; attraction summarizes the physical and sexual feelings we have towards our partner.
Love is not only felt, it is shown in a concrete and evidenced manner, our actions and the way we perceive our love interest is one of the clues of a loving relationship.
Our closeness develops over a period of time, times spent together affords us the opportunity to share thoughts, dreams and feelings that other people are not privy to.The promise, effort and work put together into making the relationship work despite all challenges is our commitment to being together.
Attraction, closeness, action and commitment are  qualifies that makes falling in love worthwhile and should never be taken for granted.
According to the Bible, love is kind, forgiving,love corrects and it’s not only after itself; there is no better definition to love than this, love strives to bring out the best in the other person.The role of love in a relationship should not be undermined; it is love that keeps a relationship intact when the two people involved are losing their cool and feel like putting an immediate end to what they have going.
Respect on the other hand is the ability value your partner’s feelings and wishes, ability to accept a partner with all of their flaws whilst appreciating their strengths, talents and gifts.Being in a relationship filled with respect means your partner appreciates your thoughtfulness, intelligence and carriage.
When we respect a person, we trust their judgement, we believe in their ability to handle any situation, we are free to be honest with them because we trust in their ability to handle and deal with the truth.Admitting our mistakes becomes so easy when we are in a relationship filled with respect because we trust our partner is able to deal with knowing our mistakes no matter how bad they are.When we respect a person, we take them as they come accepting the fact that they are not us or even a reflection of what we want them to be.
Accepting your partners opinions, views and suggestions shows you respect such person and vice versa;not feeling a need to shove your ideas down the throat of your partner, trusting your partner’s decision whether it appears nice or bad.Respect prevents and solves a whole lot of relationship’s challenges.Respect inarguably is like a cement that can build a lasting,deeply satisfying and well appreciated intimate relationship.
A friend once asked “Onome,which would you choose between love and respect; which is more important?Trust me, that question has got me thinking and I may have just realized my answer.
Having done a lot of consideration on what love and respect entails, why would I want to trade one for another? Isn’t it wise to want the two?Why would I settle for a relationship where love is professed but my feeling, ideas and judgement not respected.
Love is as important as respect,but love without respect is damaging, it can destroy a person with a low self esteem, Respect is an essential part of a healthy loving relationship which we all need.
  Back to the question, I choose respect; it has been proven that it is much more easier to love the one you respect than it is to respect the one you love.What do you think?
  I would love to hear from you; have you been in a relationship with love but no respect? Have you had to put an end to a relationship lacking respect? What role does respect play in your relationship….Share your experience with us, you just might be helping someone make a decision.

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