I have always heard people talk about love and lust,so many arguments for and against this topic.
Lots of people argue that love is different from lust,others are also of the opinion that a man/woman who  lusts after his/her partner does not genuinely love such partner. I am amused at this school of thoughts because I know for a fact that lust can never and should never be excluded from love.As a matter of fact, I would rather have my partner love and lust over me than for him to have only love without lust for me.
I can bet that the first thing that attracted 95% of us to our partner was their physical appearance.
You see a woman, you love the way she walks,her smile is electrifying,you love the way she dresses.Oh! She is tall,plumpy,slim with a dimpled smile, she’s got beautiful legs and hips that makes SHAKIRA a learner.


A sister comes across the most handsome man she has ever seen,a man with a beautiful chocolatey brown skin,a superb dresser,tall,dark and handsome with poise and speaks fluently with an amazing accent…..and you tell me she won’t get attracted?
A little honesty won’t hurt, wanting to know more about a person depends mostly on the first impression we have of them not on the person’s characters,it is all about their looks.Character only comes in when we have begun to know them.
Psychologists define love as an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person and lust as a strong desire usually of sexual nature.I agree with their stand,But can they be excluded? I say NO
   Do you seem confused? Please do not be, that is not my intention.I can never tell you that love is not important,I am a sucker for love.Infact, love should be the most important ingredient of a good and satisfying relationship but one shouldn’t exclude lust.It is only when your partner lusts over you that he will never get enough of you.The chances of such partner cheating on your will be less, all other things being equal.
  Why do you think your partner cheats? It is because he/she has found another person that tickles his/her fantasy.So the power of lust is huge.
Lust is a great feeling,let’s not pretend it’s not but it is surely not love and should never be confused, confusing one for another leads to all sorts of problem.
Luckily,some of us pass through the stage of lust to get to love and if we are super-lucky the lust stays, develops and deepens as the relationship progresses.
  However,we should learn to define our relationship,if you sense lust alone in your relationship,it is not worth continuing.
  Love is not self gratifying,lust on the other hand thinks only about what it can get.If your partner is never interested in having conversations geared towards knowing each other but only wants to get down, there is no love in that relationship.
  If your partner disrespect you and acts cruelly towards you, if he looks down on you and talks you down to make himself better, if he is manipulative and deceitful,please take a walk.


On the other hand, if you find that partner that respects you and always looks for ways to show his/her true self.If you have found that person that is not rude and always wants to bring out the best in you, that partner who strives to protect you and who is constantly seeking for ways to make you better, the partner that doesn’t expect anything and is unconditional,only then have you found true love.
In conclusion,love is the most important ingredient in a relationship and every relationship needs to be spiced up.Lust after your partner today and never after another.Do not forget that lust without love could be destructive.

Love is the live-wire  of every relationship but lust is the spark it needs, they can not be excluded

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