Life signifies a state of existence, coming into being. Often times one sits and wonders why am I here, what is my life all about, for what purpose was I created. We shall look at all these outlines one after the other.


WHY AM I HERE:No person is created by chance or by mistake, even the holy book, THE BIBLE stated categorically that God already knows us before we were formed in our mother’s womb.Every human was created for a reason.
FOR WHAT PURPOSE WAS I CREATED: Our existence on earth is not a gambling of trial and error, we have all been created for a purpose to fulfil a need, we are a part of a puzzle that cannot be solved until all clues are put together to arrive at the answer.


WHAT IS MY LIFE ALL ABOUT:What do you intend to achieve in life, what needs can you attend to, what legacy can you leave behind after you are gone, how many lives did you touch positively, What will people say about you after you are gone and did you leave your footprints in the sands of time.These and more should cross our minds from time to time while we are still living.

The type of life a person lives, the decisions made can shape happenings and events around such person.

There is a school of thought which believes that man’s destiny on earth will always come to be fulfilled no matter how long, no matter how carefree or careful a man is, what will be will surely be.


Another school of thought believes it’s not only destiny that determines what happens to an individual, but the decisions taken which can make or Mar an individual.

So whether it’s only about destiny or decisions taken, before we do anything we should endeavor to weigh the positive and negative aspects to our decisions and also the long and short term effects of our decisions.


However, there are events that happens in an individual life that no matter how hard such an individual thread, can never have control over, events like when one is born and when life ceases.

In as much as we all agree that there are events we have control over, we also know that an individual has the will power to choose right from wrong.

Although life is full of challenges, we all agree that things do not happen to those who wait, but for those that will grab the bull by the horns, those who stand up to their challenges and strive to succeed.

A wise man once said life is the toughest school, you do not know what class you are, which examination you will take and you cannot cheat as no two persons has the same question paper”

Life can be likened to a game of athletics where at the sound of the whist all athletes are expected to start racing, if one athlete decides to stop halfway through the race, that does not mean the race will be discontinued for his sake, but it’s only to the disadvantage of the athlete that stopped as all the other athletes will pass him by.

There is a saying in Nigeria, my home country, we say “Time Na Money”.Simply put, means your time is like an expensive and precious commodity that you cannot afford to play with as time lost can never be regained.


In conclusion, life time and opportunities should never ever be taken for granted. Value life, make good use of your time and grab every opportunity that comes your way.

Time waits for no one, life is what you make of it.

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