Dear Friends of Onometalkam, it’s nice to have you back on this page, how has everything been with you.
I shall be addressing the ladies today, we want to talk about things you must never say to tour boyfriend, partner or husband. I compiled a list of five things and here goes;
NEVER SAY UR EX AND HIM IN THE SAME CONTEXT; What I simply mean here is, you should never compare your ex with your present man.You can’t expect two people to behave or handle situations the same way.Every man will get pissed off by such comparisons.
WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU:Lol……I see that look on your face right now, that look of what’s the big deal in this.It may not be a big deal to you but to others, it’s such a great deal.And common, thy are men and it sounds disrespectful to them.We wouldn’t want their ego to be bruised now, do we?


YOU ARE SO IMMATURE:This is another don’t, having to point out to your man how immature he is in a relationship could be a deal breaker.We know they are like babies that need attention atimes.But never ever tell your man he is immature.It’s a no no.
YOU ARE SO INSECURED:Sweety, if your man is insecured, I think you must have given him reasons to be insecured at a point. Make your man be at rest, make him warn your trust.Never tell him he is insecured.
YOU ARE SO IRRESPONSIBLE:I know every woman needs a responsible man she can always count on.One you can gladly introduce to your friends, a man you can be proud of.I also know there are men who will rather lazy around waiting for manners to fall from above. But I think, there are more subtle ways to point his short-comings to him. Do not be confrontational.

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