So many people see kissing as just lips locking, there is more to a kiss than you can imagine. Giving your partner the right kind of kisses goes a long way in making you unforgettable.
  Your kisses shouldn’t be ‘just there’ let it make a lasting impression.Here are a few tips:
NEVER RUSH A KISS:Never mistake pecks for kisses, they serve little to show how much you love your partner. Make your kisses linger and am talking a minimum of 30 seconds. It doesn’t have to be boring, take your mind back to romantic moments where you felt like you loved everything about him, with that image on your head, your whole being is ready to enjoy the meeting of your lips.Enjoy it to the fullest and never let your mind stray from that precious moment, shut out the whole world and let it be just you and your partner.The feeling is wow and amazing.


INTRODUCE KISSES DURING INTIMATE MOMENTS:Lingering,passionate kisses during intimate moments goes a long way in keeping love alive in a relationship. Show your partner tenderness, spice your lovemaking with passionate kisses, this keeps boredom away.Do not make lovemaking seem like a routine that you want to do quick and get it over with.Look into her eyes and give her the most passionate kiss. She will be blown away.
KISS AND HUG:Throw your arms around your partner’s neck, pull him closer during a kiss.Let there be togetherness of your body.It is exhilarating that way, feel the tenderness of your bodies. Let your hugs have a sizzling effect. Let your bodies be enmeshed in each other while you feel the rippling effects of that passionate kiss.


MAKE YOUR KISS MOBILE:Hehehehe…..You are probably wondering what I mean by that. Kissing shouldn’t be limited to the bedroom and home.Take a drive to a quiet intimate spot, be inside your car and get busy.
Steal a kiss when walking, makes taking a walk memorable or when in midst of other people. Make it intriguing, show the world how crazy you are about your partner.
EXPRESS HOW YOU FEEL WHEN KISSING:Tell her how much you care about her, tell her how important she is to you while kissing, break the kiss slightly and just look her straight in the eyes, let her know how you feel about her.This makes a kiss worthwhile.
    In conclusion, never limit your kisses, it is never too much.It is like a soothing balm that clears the mind.


   You can never get enough of kissing when you make it enjoyable and mind blowing.Do not make it seem like just a kiss, make your partner think about you throughout the day, give him that lingering, passionate and unforgettable kiss.

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