Intimacy is one of the most rewarding aspects of every relationship, it’s all about being able to let go of your guards and be yourself around your partner. It’s a process where your partner accepts and appreciates you not minding the similarities or differences between you two.
Everybody in a relationship strives to get to this stage where one is emotionally close to ones partner being able to accept your partner as they are and sharing in their feelings.


   Achieving intimacy is not easy and may sometimes appear to be unrealistic. Remember it’s a process, it’s not just a thing, it needs effort and commitment. It’s a journey, a discovery that makes every relationship sweet, fulfilled and more rewarding.
I have put together some tips to help with achieving a greater level of intimacy;
1.COMMUNICATION:The role of communication in a relationship can never be over – emphasised. Do not just imagine that your partner understands you.Be open, share your hurts and pains.Let there always be a steady effort at communicating everything.Never hide your expectations and disappointment.Do you know how it feels like when you go wrong and your partner calls your attention to your wrongdoings and you don’t feel insulted?
2.FREEDOM:A relationship that makes you feel caged is not worth it.The ability to be free to be yourself in your partner’s presence is everything. It should never be replaced for anything else.Do not be shy either to play around and do things that may seem childish to others.The reluctance to share oneself with ones partner doesn’t build intimacy.
3.TIME:Remember when I said intimacy is a process?That means it requires time and a person who is not patient enough to allow time for an intimate relationship may never experience intimacy at all.You see such persons quitting a relationship for another all in the quest for intimacy.Allow time for it to grow, it’s a wonderful process.
  Intimacy is way more than sex, it’s much deeper than sex.Work on it, it is a process. You will get there and once you do, you will value it.
Join me for the next discussion on intimacy which I have TITLED SEX AND INTIMACY.

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