I have been at a point in life where I get mad at friends and family members for not doing one thing or the other for me, For not rendering assistance or even responding to my request.I became a bitter person filled with so much resentment because I felt they owed me.Often times, I feel they need to be there for me in order for me to become useful to myself and in order to achieve a good future for myself.
Now I look back and laugh at my naivety, having come to the realisation that nobody owes me anything. I may be opportuned to receive favour from people out of their own free will not because they are mandated to do so.
I was able to sit down and do a self assessment, I asked myself the following questions;
1.Whose life is it? Mine
2.Whose future is it? Mine
3.Does anyone know the kind of future I want for myself? No
4.Does anyone owe me a bright future? No
5.If I fail, will they suffer for my failure?No
6.Do I want to fail? No
7.Am I smart enough to succeed?YES


  My self assessment opened my eyes to a lot of things. I know no one is an island, you need other people tutelage and guidance atimes, you might also need assistance but what happens if you do not get these things?Should you kill yourself? Should you give up?
I need you to understand that life is what you make of it. If you want to sit, fold your hands and wallow in self pity or develop a strong feeling of hatred towards your uncle/aunt/sister/brother who has refused to help you,all I can wish you is the best even though I doubt how beneficial your actions will be to you.But, if you are like me who sees every rejection as a challenge, a spur that will make you a better person, I say congratulations.


No one on earth has the power to decide if you succeed or fail, no one but you. Grasp that power and become the best. I understand that challenges and disappointments do suffice but I am confident we can deal with them and come out victorious.


At this point in my life, I see challenges as stepping stones to greatness, at the end of the day, my future lies in my hands.It feels extremely fulfilling to know that I am my own architect, I design how I want my life to be.
I have started doing things for myself, taken steps that I have always been skeptical of and I can only hope and pray that everything works out fine.
   What if it doesn’t go according to plans you may ask? Well, I will just take it as another challenge and take another line of action. When one road closes, you can get other sub – roads, afterall our forefathers say “ono kan o wo oja (Meaning it’s not only a path that one can take to get to a market, there are always other paths).
I will stop here today, see you next week Monday for another topic on inspirational Monday. Kisses

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