Life throws some serious punches at us most times that we begin to wonder where we have gone wrong, what we did not do right,there are also times we wonder if we could have even done better given the circumstances.
I bet we have all been at this low points in life at one time or the other,that point where we gave up thinking all hope was lost, the point where nothing seems to have meaning.


There are also times when we strive to get to that our sought after “stable” point in life and it seems as though we are never going to get there no matter how hard we try. At points like this, we become frustrated thinking there might be some sort of supernatural forces working against us.
I have had my low points as an individual,at points like this I’ve had to question God,I needed to know if the people getting things on a platter of gold were born with more heads. I was eager to get answers as to why despite striving to do things the right way I still struggle to get a headway.
  Perhaps, you have been asking God for a particular miracle. For weeks, you haven’t got an answer, weeks became months and months turned to years and the miracle seems not to be forthcoming.
  We should all understand that in life we face challenges that may appear as though will swallow us.We may have mapped out plans, you want to be through with tertiary education at 20, get married at 30 and some other plans. But to your surprise, you are still struggling to secure an admission at age 22.


These and more are part of the hard realities of life,things don’t always work out according to plans.It is times like these that we have to cheer up and continue to put in more efforts,encouraging yourself that you will eventually get there.
All I have to say to you is dust yourself up, get out from that pity party that you have appointed yourself as the chief host and get going.
  Failure is part of life’s process,it is not the end of the world. Cheers

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