Believing in oneself may not be so easy to do especially when one has passed through situations that makes our faith to be shaken and our self esteem to be lowered.Believing in oneself might be easier said than done but it is achievable.
   No matter how tough a situation you have been through, you should never stop believing in yourself; self belief is what differentiate a successful person from the crowd,challenges and setbacks will surely come.They are some of the constants in life,you can not run away from challenges.
  When you begin to stop believing in yourself,you have begun a journey of self destruction.It doesn’t matter how gifted or talented you are,if you don’t believe in yourself it will almost amount to nothing.
  Whatever we achieve in life and who we eventually become in life is as a result of our belief.


  The following are my little points I think you should consider to start believing in yourself;
1.Know who you are: It is hard to know your direction in life unless you know who you are.You have to identify and work towards your purpose in life.You need to know your priorities and what you stand for,doing this will help you know what you really need so that you can go for it.
2.Constantly do a self assessment: You have to do some self assessment as often as possible,this makes you know how far you have come,the challenges you have surmounted and the steps you took in overcoming this challenges. When you do this, your faith in yourself increases .There is this feeling of if I could do that, I will surely achieve this too.
3.Take rejection in good faith: Never expect acceptance from everybody you come across, some people will make mockery of your ideas and effort,always have this at the back of your mind.You will come across people who will say no to your ideas without even giving you a chance to prove yourself.Take it in good faith,move unto the next person, never ever allow it weigh you down.
4.Have a role model: There are people who started from the scratch who are successful today,there are people who were rejected and were never believed in, there are people who failed and never gave up.This people kept pushing and never gave up because of the belief they have in themselves and their capabilities.Study the life of these set of people,their story will inspire you.
5.Never surrender: No matter what you do, no matter how tough it seems, do not surrender to your fears and self-doubt.Self-doubt will cripple your abilities and make you leave beneath your privileges.Develop yourself in a way that fear will fear you.


Start believing in yourself today, face your self-doubt and be willing to deal with it.Have faith in your abilities and you will achieve those dreams and aspirations of yours.See You At The Top.

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