There comes a point in a man’s life when decisions have to be taken,a time when we are faced with options and are constantly forced to choose.


  We have all been indecisive at a point,I’ve been in situations where am presented with two variables,caught between two equally attractive options having to decide which of the options will be the best and that’s where the confusion comes to play.When you repeatedly say to yourself ‘I hope I won’t look back and regret this decision that I’ve made’.
Sometimes,we feel the choice we have made is right while the one we forgo is wrong.That is a wrong mindset, have you ever thought about the possibility that both could be right and could work out? All one needs to do is make a choice as to which of the option to go with first, it shouldn’t be a cause for being indecisive.


If you are going to make a decision,do it 100%.
   Have you been in a dilemma about the type of decision to make regarding your future?you have an idea of what you want to do,the kind of business to do?Yet you waste precious and profitable time looking for alternatives incase it fails?
  I am not saying it’s bad to have some sort of back – up plans,all am saying is that you might eventually end up not going with any of your ideas as you waste time thinking about what to do incase your proposed plan flops,you might even end up convincing yourself than none of the ideas is good enough and finally forget about them.
If we constantly worry about our decisions,then we will likely find it difficult to live a fulfilling life even when we choose the right action.
Life is not all about making the right or wrong choice,it is what we make of it even after a seemingly wrong choice Has been made.
  Let your decision be all about you not what others will say or think.
I know it’s not bad to seek other people’s opinions neither is it harmful to take one or two pieces of advice from well wishers,but let the decisions be all yours to make. Thinking about what people will say or think and making your decision along with people’s feelings is a prerequisite for failure.
Indecision shouldn’t be an excuse.
There is an old saying that one shouldn’t regret what was done but rather what wasn’t done.This is very much applicable when it comes to decision making,it is better to take a wrong line of action than being indecisive
We should not use indecision as an excuse to stay comfortable at the expense of our fulfilment and happiness.
Make an effort to take a decision today,remember if you receive two equally attractive and yummy packages of food, and you have to make a choice,am sure you will quickly choose one rather than starving because you can’t decide on which one to take.


  Remember this,do not panic over making the perfect choice,just keep a positive attitude as to whatever the outcome may be.The experience gained from a wrong decision today will help in making a better one tomorrow. 

Indecision is often worse than wrong actions

…….Henry Ford.

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