The pursuit for everything and the self deceit of meeting a man who possesses everything a woman wants in her man has landed and will continue to land a lot of women in trouble.
    Ever wondered why a woman who has just started dating a man for only a week starts gushing about him being everything she ever wanted in a man? Feeling this way is like living in a fool’s paradise; pardon my language but how else can one describe this act.


  It is a known fact that women are very emotional beings, no matter how hard we might want to dispute this, it is a fact that we can’t hide our feelings especially when we meet a man who we are attracted to.Most women tend to confuse these feeling of attraction with meeting “the one”.This is the stage a woman goes gaga and starts basking in the euphoria of having found the perfect man; she just cannot control herself, he is all she has always wished and prayed for.She doesn’t understand that she is living a lie.

You may begin to imagine why women are said to possess fish brain; Do you really blame folks with this kind of derogatory and wrong mindset about women? It beats me how a woman will conclude just a week into dating a man that he is everything she ever dreamt of in her man….Come on, it’s just been only a week and it’s a known fact that the first weeks or months into dating are the the times everybody is playing good guy and girl.


You may want to ask what happens  months into the relationship when the euphoria is gone and the scales are fallen off her eyes, what happens when she discovers his not so good part; trust me, we all have one or two not-so-good parts, what happens when she realises he is not all she thought he was? Obviously another pursuit for the “everything” she wants in a man begins and the cycle continues.

A woman’s definition of everything might be based on looks,i know as a matter of fact that most women fantasize about what they want their ideal man to look like; tall, dark, handsome and macho and as soon as such a man comes their way, they start gushing about meeting a man who has everything they have ever wanted.Everything here meaning looks,I do not want to term such women as being superficial but there is more that makes a good man than looks.

Personality might be the deciding factor for other women.It is quite understandable if you want a man with eloquence and poise.A brilliant man is an attractive man anyway and at anytime for some women.A man who can hold a conversation and is very expressive does it for some women.I know it feels great when a woman finds such a man, but I ask does that count for everything?  Do not get me wrong; am a sucker for a man with a great personality but when it comes to looking for everything; personality is only a little fraction.


A relationship is much more than looks and personality; this is the mistake most women make, we sometimes allow ourselves get carried away with trivia things thereby forgetting the big picture.

Is there even a thing as finding a man who has everything? Finding a man that has everything is more like finding Mr.Perfect; it is an established fact that no one is perfect.This is why you hear folks saying their partner is everything they wished for but……There will always be a but  because no one can attain perfection.

Dear Sisters, if you have found yourself a man who loves and respects you, If your man understands, adores and cares a lot about you, you are good to go.If he is the type that values your views and opinions and doesn’t need to talk you down to feel good about himself …This kind of men are worth being with; not because they are everything but because they are men who value the woman they have.


My little piece of advice is; stop in the pursuit for a man that is everything; you will be setting yourself up for lots of heartbreaks and disappointments. A man that is everything is nothing but a mirage.

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