It’s May 1st and it’s another global celebration for workers to make known their struggles with safe and convenient working conditions, decent wages and better treatment from employers and government.

The history of the worker’s day dates as far back as the 19th century when a variety of days were chosen ny unionist allover the world as a day to celebrate Labour.

In the early 1880s various names and dates were adopted to commemorate this day in various parts of the world; May 1st was chosen to be recognized worldwide after the event of May 4th 1886 when police tried to disperse  a public gathering before an unidentified person threw bombs at the police. In response to this attack, the police shot at the crowd killing some of the demonstrators.

The May 1st date became formally recognized in 1891 at the international’s second congress as an annual event.

This day is usually marked with parade led by the Labour Congress President or The Trade Union Congress (TUC) President with workers making known their requests, the types of working conditions they would like changed,laws to be enacted not forgetting the ones they need reviews on.

Here’s wishing all workers the world over happy worker’s day.

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