images(42)Valentine’s day,popularly referred to as the most romantic day of the year, a day historically linked to St.Valentine Terni who was beaten, stoned and beheaded for marrying Christian couples.

   The Emperor Claudius banned marriages because he felt single men made better soldiers,

he postulated that their getting married would be a distraction.

  St.Valentine found this rule unfair and secretly conducted marriages flouting the emperor’s order.When the Emperor found out about his insubordination, St.Valentine was thrown into jail and sentenced to death.



  Prior to his being martyred, he was jailed and t8he fell in love with his jailers’ blind daughter Asterius. History has It that he supposedly wrote her secret letters signed “From your valentine”.

 Due to his role in getting couples married, St.Valentine became the grand  saint of love, young people and marriage.


It is thought that the death of St..Valentine happened sometime in mid February and this day was set aside to commemorate his struggles towards making lover’s dream of becoming one come true.


Red Roses are said to be the flower favored by Venus, the Roman goddess of love.Little wonder it is widely given on this special day.

  Many people have come to reference Valentine’s day as a day of sharing love,giving and sacrifice while others believe that setting aside a particular day for the celebration of love is just being sentimental, according to them; loving, sharing and sacrifice should be a daily ritual.


Whatever your stand is, I know everyone of us had at one point or the other loved and been loved. Whether your loved was reciprocated or taken for granted shouldn’t stop you from believing in love; love makes the world a better place.

  Happy Valentine’s day; Spread love today and always.

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