Happy New Year….It’s Another Year Of New Beginnings

Welcome to another year,feels so good to be alive to witness another;i don’t know what the past year  was like for you but it’s another year to make choices and work towards it with every ounce of determination and commitment.I know how it feels looking through the past year and reflecting on what was,what should be and what could The journey of life is a unique one that presents its own ups and downs but above all the gift of life is paramount,it gives a retrospect on how far you have come and how farther you can go;so cherish it and work towards it.

The past year for me was filled with a lot of experiences,some bitter,some sweet and at a stage it felt as though i was way behind my peers ….It felt as though no matter how hard i tried i just wasn’t getting it but i just had to knock some reality into myself;i am alive and healthy and every new day is a chance to be better than the previous.

Maybe you are like me,do you often feel like no matter how hard you strive to achieve your dreams,no matter what you do;it just isn’t clicking…..Do you feel like all your effort at being there for others,helping out isn’t being appreciated? My father of blessed memory always said to me that no matter the good you do to/for others always have the mindset that a lot won’t appreciate because to them it’s not a big deal and majority will end up stabbing you in the better;so it’s better to keep an open and best to expect some sort of aspersions,back-biting and ingratitude.According to him it’s better to be surprised by appreciation,loyalty and love than be disappointed.

Here’s imploring you to look towards this new year with an open mind,it’s a fact that it’s not going to be all rosy;remember the challenges and set-backs of  life makes life interesting and shapens us to be better;no matter how hard it will it will eventually work out with determination and courage.

Thanks for being with me throughout the year;you made my  work as a blogger a fulfilling and interesting one,the fact that you always come back to visit the blog is a great encouragement to put out more contents;thanks for having my back…..Lots of kisses.


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