It’s another year, my great country, Nigeria, has added another year.
  It’s been 55 years of independence, as a nation we have witnessed sone ups and lows. I make bold to say we have witnessed more of the lows, but here we are still standing tall and strong.
  Lots of things have threatened the unity of my country, lots of people have also pushed and worked towards the disintegration of Nigeria, but she stood firm despite all the challenges she faced.


  Is this the Nigeria of my dream?Are we where we should be?.Of course not, but I appreciate how far we have come.
Nigeria is a blessed nation, blessed with so many resources,both natural and human resources.Do I say we have not been so lucky when it comes to leadership?Have we ever gone out during elections to vote in credible candidates?
  The youths say they are the voice of Nigeria,we also say we are the future. How well are we fighting for our rights, how loud is our voice? Are we guilty of selling our votes and voices? Is it not the same youths that come out during campaigns in all their vigor to campaign for politicians?Politicians whose pedigree we all know?


  The youths should stop with the we are the future slogan, the future is now,we are not grabbing it rather majority of us are selling our birth for a plate of porridge.
  We all should wake up to the responsibility of making this nation great, the success and failure of Nigeria depends on Nigerians.
  You that is reading this and you are in a position where you are supposed to do things right but choose to go the wrong way because of your selfish interest. You are also one of the problems of this country.
  As a secretary,after examinations has been conducted for recruitment into your organisation and you are asked to compile the names of successful applicants,you chose to put down the names of people you know,the names of people who have settled you even though they failed woefully?
Yes, it starts from instances such as this. No matter how minor it may seem,this is a contributory factor to the Nigeria problem.Corruption in high and low places.
If we can successfully win the war against corruption in Nigeria,we are on our path to greatness.Do not say that you are not in a position of leadership,we should all lend our voices and speak out loud against any leader who doesn’t work for his people.
Most importantly,let our votes be our voices,we should not select and elect our leaders based on sentiments and settlements.
  Nigeria shall be great again, it all lies In our hands and the steps we take.Happy Independence Nigerians.



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