Happy Democracy Day Nigeria


I woke up today and I thought about the situation of my dear country, thinking about a whole lot of things; unemployment, insecurity, corruption, lack of basic amenities, crime and the various killings taking place in many parts of the country.
  Lots of happening that dampen ones spirit, lots of challenges that can lead to frustration of an average citizen, negative stories that can make one lose hope in the country.
It just seems nothing is working and i’m wondering how long it will take us to get to a place of comfort, the state of electricity is nothing to write home about.My neighbourhood hasn’t seen light in 3 days; light that is usually available for only 3 hours in a day, young business owners are suffering, hoping and praying for better days.
  Corruption; the main cause of our travails seems to be eating deep and destroying the nation the more, we clamor for a change in leadership and even with the change, there appears to be no headway.I cannot help but wonder if a change in leadership is what we need or a ‘re-orientation as a country.If you ask the average Nigeria what they will do if they had an opportunity to lead the country, you hear everyone talking big, they boast about the things they intend to do, the policies they want to establish and every other positive promises.But, alas, on getting to the seat of power, there seems to be a bug that bites them into forgetting the promises they made and why there were appointed.Everyone in power appears to be after their own personal gratification.
    Despite all these negativities surrounding the country, I choose to celebrate my country today.I know for a fact that it will get better, I understand it’s taking too long and it seems we may never get there, I see the frustration written allover the faces of the average Nigerian,I see the anger with which we relate with one another; the country is losing its sanity.In all these,I know it will get better.


   I want to celebrate the youths today who despite all the bad times still stood firm and pursued their dreams; youths who are striving to thrive in a not-so-thriving economy.
  I want to applaud the leaders that are working; yes we have very few of them and they deserve to be applauded, yes I know it’s no big deal and they are not doing us any favors because its our rights but every good thing needs to be appreciated.
  I earnestly look forward to a blissful time for this country; a time of surplus, a time when basic amenities are not far fetched, a season when we can all heave a sigh of relief when it comes to security.I look forward to a time when jobs are already waiting- in- line for an undergraduate, I await a day when we will all see each other as brothers and sisters and there will be an end to all these killings .I pray for a time when politicians will not see politics as a do-or-die affair.
I wish for a day when we will all be proud to be called Nigerians and all our dreams and aspirations will be met.
  Here’s calling on the youths to be smart and realise where our problems lie; never allow any political office holder brainwash you to commit crime, they are selfish folks who are only concerned about their personal gains,continue to speak up against all the ills of this country,we should never let anyone or group of persons bully us into keeping quiet;we need to exercise our freedom that comes with democracy, we are our own voices and indeed the voice of the nation and we need to keep talking the talk.
Happy Democracy Day to all Nigerians all over the globe #positiveattitudeonly

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