What’s up brother; have you ever wondered why despite your eloquence, brilliance, appearance and swag women keep on running away from you after few months of dating? Have you sought to find out why it is so difficult for you to keep a woman? Keeping a real woman is not all about the looks or wealth;if you do not endeavour to keep her you will will lose her.
   Let’s talk about some of the things that chase women away in a relationship;

1. Lying: This is one of the don’ts in every relationship,no one likes to be lied to.Every woman wants to take her man’s word to the bank,every woman wants a man she can trust to say the same thing he said today in 10 years without discrepancies.Once truth and honesty is lacking from a man, a woman gradually withdraws.
   Forget the notion that you have about women liking being lied to.You may feel cool when you tell a lie to get out of a situation.Trust me,when the truth finally comes out,you will wish you hadn’t.Nothing makes a woman feel worse than not being able to tell when there is even a teeny-weeny chance that her man is telling the truth.

2. Bad Manners: Do you swear while talking to others?Do you use offensive words or even disrespect women? No woman wants to be with a man who is ill-cultured.Women love being associated with a man whose level of respect for others and especially women is par excellence.We feel safe with these types of men.
    Do not tell me you say some offensive words sub-consciously,manners are not born with an individual;we learn manners.Work on your manners.

3. Cheating: You think being the man gives you a pass to cheat?You cheat and you expect her to still stay? Forget the “it’s a man world” lies you’ve been telling yourself, a woman feel as bad or even worse than a man when she is cheated on.Always remember that cheating breaks trust in a relationship.

  Loyalty is far fetched in relationship these days but it can be achieved, enough with the lies of variety being the spice of life.What you are seeking for in 3 or 4 women can be got from a woman,it’s a thing of your mind.Is not difficult to stick with one woman,Is it?

4.Self Centeredness: Are you the type that is only after yourself,do you do things with only you in mind? You expect her to do things for you and you do no want to reciprocate? She makes sacrifices  which you never acknowledge and the day she decides to do things for her self you cry foul;You always want to have the final say in every discussion and do not even give her the chance to make any suggestions and you expect her to stay? Come on,she is not a dummy.

5.Insecurity: Let me tell you a secret, women appreciate men who are confident about themselves;a man who knows that his woman is his.
There is nothing romantic about a man being obsessively jealous and insecured,an insecured man goes to the extreme in claiming a woman.We do not want our man cussing and yelling at us when he sees us in the company of other guys
Have that confidence in yourself  that your woman sees some qualities in you that made her want a relationship with you in the first place,do not lose it when you see her with other men.


6. Over Serious Man: You are with your woman and you’re getting all too serious, she needs to have a light and relaxing conversation with you and all you want to talk about is work and problems at the office?
You should tone down a bit on your seriousness and play with your woman. Learn to know the right time to get serious and when to be playful and have some fun.

7. Comparison: Women hate this act with a passion;comparing us with other women means you do not appreciate us for who we are.Do not run us down to make you feel good about yourself.Never compare your woman to your ex; do not praise your ex while talking down on yoir woman.

8. Laziness: laziness is a time waster and no woman wants to waste her time with a lazy man.It is what it is, we want to be associated with an hardworking man;a man who doesn’t fold his hands while expecting manner to fall from above.A real woman will always appreciate an hardworking man no matter how little his income.Do not live off other people,get a source of livelihood.

9. Sex Freak: Sex in a relationship creates a strong bond between partners;it can drive partners apart.A sex oriented man will oftentime find it difficult to keep a serious relationship,he keeps giving the woman in his life the impression of being interested only in the sex.Every woman wants a man who appreciates and values her above everything; sex being the icing on the cake.


The woman will always look for a man who appreciates and value her much more than the sex;a vaccum of self worth that needs to be filled.

10. Anger/Violence: Anger is destructive and With the increase in the death rate of women due to domestic violence,every sensible woman will avoid a violent partner.


   A man who has no control of his temper will definitely turn violent,such men are disaster waiting to happen and will surely chase away any woman who values her life;no sensible woman wants to become another addition to the statistics of women who have lost their lives to domestic violence. You can actually control your temper as a man,it all needs working on.
    Sisters,what are some of the other habits not mentioned above that are absolute deal breakers in your relationship……Let’s get talking

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