Grace, God’s way of saying I am not done with you even when so many have written you off.Grace is receiving favor, a divine favour not merited, deserved or even worked for and this type of favor is only possible through the divine help of God.
Have you ever wondered why an unqualified individual gets an appointment first before his highly qualified colleagues? Have you ever imagined what a person had to do to get to a position that you thought he could never ‘smell’ in years to come? Wonder more because that is the divine grace of God at work.We also see that some pple received help from God in the New testament. Eg: the blind man in John 5:6-9


The blind man in John 5:6-9 received immediate intervention from Jesus Christ. John 6:15-17 The disciples also received divine acceleration and help. Do u want to be a disciple of Christ? Do u want your name to be written in the Book of Life? Surrender your life to Jesus. I invite you to confess your sins, accept Jesus Christ into your life today and make Him your personal LORD and Saviour.                                                                                    
    Prayer points:                                                                                                       1.  With  God nothing shall be impossible. What cant happen ordinarily     in a 1000 yrs, God can make it happen in 1 day.                                            
2. 2 Chro 14:11 Father, it is nothing for You to help me, now help me in Jesus Name.                                                

  3. 2 Chronicles 26:11, 8 It seems easy for people who receive God’s divine help to take God for granted. 2 Chro 15:12-13 Thank God for all the help you’ve received up till now. Father Lord, when Your help appears in my life, deliver me from pride and

4.Father, I receive Your immediate help in every area of my life


Bible Text: Deuteronomy 32: 11-12.     
Compared to the hen, the eagle has longevity. The hen can live from 3-7 years and the eagle can live 70 years. The average eagle lives up to 30 years. Psalm 103:5, 91:16 God has promised to satisfy you with long life. Believe that long life is your heritage, in Jesus name.                           
Matt 18:18 Declare and bind every word contrary to the Word of God in your life. Believe the report of the LORD.  Mark 11:23.  As a Christian and as part of royalty, you have to be careful with what you say. For as many of us as are in Christ, we have royalty, dignity and kingship.                      
  Revelation 4:7 The eagle typifies royalty, dignity and fame.

Prayer points:                                                                                                        1.Father, today, manifest Your completed work in all facets of my life

2. Habakkuk 6:2 Father, now revive Your work in my life, my family, work, nation and my church.                                                                              

3.Mercy can divert a miracle you don’t even deserve. Even a miracle I don’t deserve, divert a miracle to me, please Lord  JESUS.                                                                     
4.Father please that garment of poverty, want, not ever enough and always lacking.  Lord please take it away from me PERMANENTLY in JESUS name.                                                          

5. Please Lord you know where I am. pick me up Lord and take me higher in JESUS name.                                                                                                 6.Lord please deal with my enemies your own way.

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