Hello Onome, I need your advice and that of your blog readers on a very sensitive issue.
   I’ve been sourcing for a nanny for sometime now, after talking to some people a woman who works in one of the crèches around us was recommended. I spoke to her and she showed interest in my offer and I made her understand we have to do some routine checks medically for her, this she agreed to and she went for HIV,Tuberculosis and Hepatitis tests.
  The result of the tests showed she was HIV positive,I brought this to her attention and she says she didn’t know about it. Well, I made her understand that I can’t employ her to take care of my kids and I also told her to start taking her medications.
   Now,my spirit is troubled, should I talk to the management of the creche where she works? Or should I keep quiet? Will telling the management mean me discriminating her? These and more questions are on my mind.

  Please I need advice from your readers.Thanks.


   Hmmnn. ….This is a very sensitive mail, stigmatization on people living with  HIV should be a no no.I also admire your concerns for the other children that she takes care of.
  I think I will leave this question to my readers,let’s hear what they have to say.
Dear friends of onometalkam,what do you think our friend should,what steps should she take and how should she go about it? Your opinions might just save a situation.Let’s do this.

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