So, I sat with some of my friends the other day and this topic came up.We were all astonished at the general belief that there is a particular man created and prepared by God for a woman in particular. Wondering what I mean by that? You will all agree that as funny as it may sound, some of us have this faith that there is a particular man from whose ribs we were created and until we find that man our relationships will never work.
  As much as women is created from the ribs of men according to what God’s word tells us, I am of the opinion that as soon as you find a man that meets up to the standards of your ideal man man, note the word ideal, because I do not believe that there is any perfect man out there.
Ladies, it is high time we stopped waiting for the tall, dark, handsome and very rich guy, a guy who has all in one package.Some of us may be lucky to get such men while others may not be “fortunate” enough to find the total package in one man.
If you’ve found a man who your heart beats for, who values, respects and cherishes you.A man who doesn’t disregard your opinions and suggestions. A man who is not too egoistic, then such man is worth taking a lifetime journey with.
Oftentimes, people talk about Mr.Right, I smile because I feel marriage is


worth more than finding all your criteria in one person.Only God is perfect.
You have a man who has good sides and like every human has bad sides too.I think you should draw a table of rights and wrongs.If his rights outweighs his wrongs then he’s worth keeping. Some ladies all in the process of finding all rights have fallen into the hands of pretenders who ended up showing their true colours after marriage.
Marriage is honourable and a thing of joy when one finds one’s own man.May God guide us In making right decisions.

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