The society often times see the female gender as the weaker sex and I wonder why it is that way.
  Could it be because of the way we present ourselves,could it be the way we react to things or how emotional we get about certain things?
I have witnessed cases of women being maltreated by people who are supposed to cherish them,for how long will we continue to succumb to maltreatment simply because we are tagged the weaker sex?
  Shout out to all the men out there who treat their women as Queens and heaven’s gift.
You are the ones who have found the way to your woman’s heart and you deserve a price,to be loved eternally.
You treat your woman as trash and you expect her to treat you like a egg? You joking Bro…..remember actions and reactions are always equal and opposite.
Women are the most sensitive and loving set of people,treat a woman right and she is ready to give you her whole world.Treat your woman exactly the way you want her to treat you.
  I hail all the women out there who know how important they are and value their existence,women who have decided to be the best in what they do no matter what others think,women who have succeeded despite the society’s limitations and expectations

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