Text: 2 Cor 4: 7-10;  2 Tim 4: 7-8

A teenage girl got pregnant mistakenly at 15yrs & felt so bad about it because her plans was to finish her secondary school with excellent result and go to university for Medicine & Surgery (MBBS). Behold, her dreams was initially shattered but with the belief that she can still achieve her dreams, she became more determined and after child birth, she went back to school. With determination, she made first class in her set.

Determination is the tonic that keeps achievers/champions going; it is a key element in enduring temporary set-backs and achievement of ultimate success.

In life, we are confronted with many challenges that may want to weigh us down. But if you have Jesus Christ in your life coupled with determination, victory is sure because pain is temporary.

1. I shall make it in life against all odds in Jesus name.
2. Father, let Your grace bring forth the hero in me in Jesus name.
3. Lord, uproot spirit of depression, self pity, fear of future, etc from me in Jesus name.

Be determined that u will make it in life not by dubious means but through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Good morning.
Wishing u a joyous day in Jesus name.
           Originally written by Pastor Biodun Idris

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