images(1)The society we live always seems to set standards for everything. People expect you to behave in a certain way or handle certain situations in a particular manner.
Living life based on set standards could get boring and sometimes frustrating since you are never free to be yourself, the thought of what people will say, how will they take it, what if am criticised, can I handle the criticism? Are some of the reasons people refuse to change their lifestyle to fit their own needs.
Do you dare to be different? Do you want to stand out? Do you want to do things differently? Have you ever wished you lived in a society where everyone minds their business? .
Here are some of the things that you need to know:
1.BE YOURSELF : Being oneself is one of the easiest things to do.You don’t have to feel like you are acting out a script. Live your life your own way, do things your own way.How difficult is it to do things the way you have always wanted. Being oneself needs no effort or practice.
2.TAKE EVERY CRITICISM IN GOOD FAITH : Yea, I know that could be difficult atimes, people tend to judge everything, they criticise everything you do even when you do right but because you refuse to follow a set standards, they complain.Criticism has a way of getting to one atimes, I know this is very much true.Do not allow criticism get the best of you.Take it in good faith.
3 . DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE BRING YOU DOWN : Personally, I appreciate critiques,i know it could get to one atimes, the world is full of people who will always criticise your every move, they make you feel as though you are not getting things right or that you can never get it right. I don’t let it get to me, rather it spurs me on.It makes me want to be better.You have an idea, follow through with it, do not allow anyone or anything discourage you.
4.SET STANDARDS FOR YOURSELF : Everyone of us should strive to set standards for ourselves.It puts us in Check,it makes us aim higher.It makes us strive to be better than we were yesterday.Life is what you make of it.It doesn’t have to always follow a particular pattern, it doesn’t have to be what others would, let it be your own unique way of doing things.
Setting standards makes us know if we aredoing thing right, it motivates us snd makes devlopment easier.
5.DEVELOP YOURSELF:I will slways say this, nothing beats self development.Strive to he better.Read books about people who have made it against all oddd,read aboit people who took the bulls by the horn and did things differently and their success stories may be all you need.
You have dream and aspirations, follow through with it, do it your own way.It is your dreams afterall, if you fail, don’t beat yourself, do not blame yourself.There is always a room for a second chance.
I always believe in standing out, who says you can’t succeed if you follow your heart and do things your way never minding how every other people do theirs.You can do it.
Happy new week, may this week bring you fulfilment. Amen.images

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