It’s often said that the only constant thing in life is change.
This thought has always proven to be true, things change in different degrees. Things change for the best and it goes the other way atimes.
We must all embrace change no matter the form it comes, nobody prays for situation to go from good to bad.But one thing about life  that we must not forget is the fact that it is full of surprises.
So, if you have done everything you can about a situation and you have eagerly waited for a groundbreaking change but instead found yourself at the same position or even in a position worse than before, do not beat yourself up.Its all a matter of change,and I know it might seem frustrating at that particular time but you have to let things take their natural course.
Whether it brought about a negative change, a change that you think is worst than the way things were, holding on and hoping for the best is the word


Change will definately happen and it doesn’t beg anyone for acceptance but the only thing one can do is to work around it and use it for good.

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